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        Only for Construction operation (1、special chain for Bbeneficiation dedicated chain: Used in underthe simple construction conditions are relatively simple, sites that have relatively small damage tire destructiveconstruction site. Such chains are pricecheap, wear-resisting  generally the larger the gap diamond shape with large gap, the high degree of wear of the diamondprotection chain.2、Chains for tTunnels and underground mining dedicated chain:Mainly used under the relatively harsh construction conditions at the construction sites with ponding or the sites where chains wear off easily in the construction conditions are relatively poor, the construction site with water, chain wear more serious construction site. The protection chains produced by our companies are processed with casting techniques and matched with precise box-type? knot.Our casting process is the use of such a chain of processing, matching precision box-typeprotection chain. Divided into three-levelThey can be divided into two grades :800- tons Precision Metalforming diamond section and 800 800-tons Precision Metalforming box-type ).



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